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Valentina is not interested in photography; she only desires she can tell stories.

She will never take care of the golden ratio or of the right colour balance to reach. Please don’t look for the perfect shot by her, Don’t look for perfection at all. Because people are not perfect, and she takes pictures of people. Statuary, fast, unaware, conscientious, not perfect.

In every shot you will find two things: light and eyes. Her eyes and the light of your eyes. Also when you are looking elsewhere, somewhere in the deep, and there still is very little light.

It is not only about a portrait, but about a glimpse. It is the desire for contact, the search for a connection. What attracts her is the story you will be able to tell her.

Her photography is brave, she is not afraid to read inside you, with no filters, with no judgements. Be brave yourself, surrender and let her find you. At the end, you’ll come out exhausted. Clean. And with another story to tell.

F. A.
anima, faces, occhi, portfolio, portrait, ritratto
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