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The yellow shoes


The yellow shoes

Popcorn ready? ‘Cause I’m telling you a story.

Some years ago, I met a little boy.  He was young, very young, but older than what he looked.

When I met him, he was wearing yellow shoes, very yellow shoes.

I had never seen anybody wearing a pair of shoes so completely yellow.

Who might buy a pair of fuckin’ yellow shoes?  He might, Giulio.

After our meeting, I googled his name and a new world opened to my eyes.  On that day, I found out that this little boy was a genius, a dreamer, an innovator, a rebel. A guy who could use light for telling the magical world in his mind and that, I don’t know how, he can make others see too.  This is what I thought on that day but, sometime later, without even being aware of it, we became true friends, with our stomachs, heads, hearts, laughs; I’ve thought much more about him: there are no other people as good, as honest, as positive as him.  Giulio has a very strong inner peace and this peace is irradiating and pervades everybody in the nearby.  He says yes if you ask him for a help, but it is a different yes: it’s a yes full of enthusiasm, will and trust, and full of true smiling eyes.  He shares his talent and genius with people, like me, who are not as talented as he is, and I don’t think there is such a better form of altruism. He behaves in this way since he’s not afraid of comparison, because he’s confident but also because he believes in every form of discussion and collaboration as enriching opportunities.

Enriching, as he is.

One of the first things I wrote many years ago was that dealing with him was enriching.

If my pictures didn’t remain on my laptop, if they’ve been printed, framed, exhibited is his merit or fault – you decide what. In a field, photography, where it’s so easy to find many pups scared by comparison, there is Giulio, standing out, with his yellow shoes.

He left those shoes in Indonesia, thus closing a phase and opening a new one. Because Giulio believes in signs and gives a sense to signs.

He will do big things wherever he decides to be, and I wish him to go far and to collect all the things his talent deserves, and much more.
Now, those shoes are somewhere on the other side of the world, but I’ll never forget them.

Have a good journey: www.giuliospagone.net

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  • giulia pisana colucci
    Posted at 05:02h, 08 September

    che bello,Vale! isiete due anime speciali e,insieme,FORMIDABILI!Non avresti potuto dipingere un ritratto più bello di questo “ragazzo”che tra le tante virtù,ha quella di darsi completamente e soprattutto autenticamente…EMOZIONANDO ….
    del resto , “chi si somiglia, si piglia!”
    vi voglio bene assai ❤️